GCC IRC 上的一段对话

今天无意中看到GCC IRC 上的一段对话,

[21:34] <richi> dnovillo: that said – introducing record-builder atthis point seems wrong
[21:34] <dnovillo> what are the preconditions that you are thinking of?
[21:35] <richi> that either everything “up” or everything “down” is C++-ified
[21:35] <richi> C++-ifying random places makes GCC a mess
[21:35] <dnovillo> i don’t understand what that means.
[21:35] <richi> datastructures are the very bottom
[21:35] <richi> a GIMPLE pass would be the very top
[21:35] <richi> but some pieces of tree?
[21:37] <dnovillo> we are targeting specific facilities used by our teams.  that’s our guiding principle.  they build new IL and types (asan).  our mandate does not include converting the whole codebase into C++, we don’t have that kind of budget.

看来有些global maintainer对现在C++的修改也不满意。而且google目前并不打算把GCC的所有部分都用C++重写。希望我理解错了。